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Tantamount Exhibitions, Bath Spa University, January 2016.

Tantamount was a double exhibition at two locations in Bath, curated by 2nd year Fine Art students at Bath Spa University, of which I am one. The exhibtions ran between the 6th - 15th of January this year. Tantamount A was primarly a painting and 2D work exhibition, which was shown in the Gallery Space at BSU's Sion Hill Campus. This was the exhibition I took part in due to my work being tailored to the 2D requirements The other half of the exhibition was Tantamount B and was primarily sculpture work. This work was shown off of campus at Walcot Chapel.

As this was our first 2nd year exhibition, it was important to make a good impression. Much time was spent planning and organising this exhibition and contained work from not just our 2nd year practice but also from our 1st year practice.

I very much enjoyed this exhibition and had some great chats with not only my peers attending but also the tutors and the public, I selected to have one piece of work placed in this exhibition however as I wanted to show case my new direction of art from the 2nd year of studying at Bath Spa University.

This piece was 'Interrupted State of Mind', a juxtaposition of artistic styles, and something which I feel has been a natural evolution of my work and experience from the 1st year here at Bath.

Interrupted State of Mind / Oil on Canvas / 100 x 100 / 2016

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